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Warning! Breeders Latest Tactics
It appears that now breeders are going so far as to not just sell unweaned babies, which I'm told is now illegal, but selling so-called fertile parrot eggs, and at bundle prices. BEWARE: To the untrained eye who would know if the eggs are even fertile. If they are, then you'd have to keep them at a steady temperature and humidity and turn constantly. If they were to hatch you'd have to wear magnifying glasses to find their tiny beaks to feed even one drop an hour 24/7. That's just the beginning! NEED I SAY MORE?!? Do not fall for the traps of eggs and unweaned baby birds! It's the breeders' ways of offloading unweaned babies where you take the risk of losing your money and the baby should something go wrong, and nothing more need be said regarding the eggs!
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Sponsor a Bird

As you well know, there are many worthy organizations competing for your tax deductible dollars. We are among that group.

Because you have exhibited an interest in The Tropics and our work with handicapped and unwanted exotic birds, we have decided to offer a “sponsor a bird” program. This program is similar to the “Adopt a Whale” program in that your contribution, although it does not entitle you to ownership or possession of one of our birds, gives you an opportunity to directly impact the quality of care for the bird(s) of your choice. This is how the program works. For a donation of $150 you will have the opportunity to select a bird you would like to sponsor. Your donation will provide a year’s worth of food for your bird. For a $300 donation, you will be providing food; shelter and medical care for your bird.

If you are unable to make a lump sum donation, you may make 12 monthly payments. If you have or know of children who would like to participate in this program, we offer them the opportunity to sponsor a bird for a nominal donation of $5 a month.

Sponsoring a bird is easy! Please visit our Donations page to setup your donation.
*These birds are indicative of those birds here at the refuge that are in need of financial sponsorship. They are NOT for adoption. Click the photos for a larger view.

I hope you will agree that we need to keep this program going for the good of these special birds, and what they give back to the public in our educational programs and other outreach programs with the sick, injured, handicapped, elderly and shut-ins.

If you would like to participate and become a supporter of The Tropics Bird Refuge you can contact Mary Bradford via E-Mail at: or visit our Donations page to setup your donation.

You can drop us a line at: The Tropics – P.O. Box 686 – Kannapolis, NC 28082-0686