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Warning! Breeders Latest Tactics
It appears that now breeders are going so far as to not just sell unweaned babies, which I'm told is now illegal, but selling so-called fertile parrot eggs, and at bundle prices. BEWARE: To the untrained eye who would know if the eggs are even fertile. If they are, then you'd have to keep them at a steady temperature and humidity and turn constantly. If they were to hatch you'd have to wear magnifying glasses to find their tiny beaks to feed even one drop an hour 24/7. That's just the beginning! NEED I SAY MORE?!? Do not fall for the traps of eggs and unweaned baby birds! It's the breeders' ways of offloading unweaned babies where you take the risk of losing your money and the baby should something go wrong, and nothing more need be said regarding the eggs!
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33 Years
John Thomas Bradford

In Memory of John Thomas Bradford — click photo to read more – Updated Nov 2019


Established in 1989, then becoming THE NATION’S FIRST NON-PROFIT PARROT SANCTUARY IN 1994, we are celebrating our 32nd ANNIVERSARY! Thank you for all of your support over these years.

The Tropics is Dedicated to Bird Welfare:
Serving as a refuge for long term care of orphaned, neglected, injured, handicapped, abused and unwanted breeder and pet birds. In addition, the rescue of raptors and the rehabilitation of songbirds and migratory birds. Read more about our mission here.



News from Mary
First let me introduce you to my newest handicapped bird, Sollie the Scarlet Macaw. She’s a DNA sexed female and has been here since July 10. She has neurological issues that I think are affecting her sight. It appears that she either can’t focus or has depth perception problems, or both. She is quite a Diva, tho, as the only food she will eat is, of course, Harrison’s the most expensive and hardest to find at good prices, but she gets it. She also loves home cooked food as a supplement.
Read Mary’s full letter here.


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Camera man from one of our TV shows totally smitten by Orko!


Cameraman from Good Houskeeping Magazine with me and Rita the Macaw


Producer from another TV show with Orko