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Warning! Breeders Latest Tactics
It appears that now breeders are going so far as to not just sell unweaned babies, which I'm told is now illegal, but selling so-called fertile parrot eggs, and at bundle prices. BEWARE: To the untrained eye who would know if the eggs are even fertile. If they are, then you'd have to keep them at a steady temperature and humidity and turn constantly. If they were to hatch you'd have to wear magnifying glasses to find their tiny beaks to feed even one drop an hour 24/7. That's just the beginning! NEED I SAY MORE?!? Do not fall for the traps of eggs and unweaned baby birds! It's the breeders' ways of offloading unweaned babies where you take the risk of losing your money and the baby should something go wrong, and nothing more need be said regarding the eggs!
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Articles & Education

The Tropics Exotic Bird Refuge has been involved with ongoing education programs. Beginning as a part time endeavor, the program has since escalated to almost full time work, and is provided to public and private schools, church and senior citizens groups, professional organizations and individuals.

School children and adults alike learn about the work being done at the parrot refuge. In addition, they learn about specific species, their life both in the wild and in captivity and whether or not the specie is endangered. Geographical locations and the status of the rain forests and other habitats worldwide are also discussed. Students are especially encouraged to study about the parrots of the world, in hopes that some will decide on a career including rescue and rehabilitation of wild and captive birds.

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