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Warning! Breeders Latest Tactics
It appears that now breeders are going so far as to not just sell unweaned babies, which I'm told is now illegal, but selling so-called fertile parrot eggs, and at bundle prices. BEWARE: To the untrained eye who would know if the eggs are even fertile. If they are, then you'd have to keep them at a steady temperature and humidity and turn constantly. If they were to hatch you'd have to wear magnifying glasses to find their tiny beaks to feed even one drop an hour 24/7. That's just the beginning! NEED I SAY MORE?!? Do not fall for the traps of eggs and unweaned baby birds! It's the breeders' ways of offloading unweaned babies where you take the risk of losing your money and the baby should something go wrong, and nothing more need be said regarding the eggs!
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First Flight Aviary

Our AviaryEven when John Bradford was a young boy in elementary school, he daydreamed about birds. Many times while supposedly studying, he was drawing pictures of wild birds. This love of birds carried over to his work here at The Tropics.

In May of 1997, without a penny to open a construction account, we decided it was time to stop waiting for donations to pour in, and begin to build an aviary for our birds. With nothing but a garden tiller and shovel, John Bradford set out to do just that. He dug the footer, measuring 24′ x 40′ using those tools, and by the time we needed money to purchase block for the foundation we had $2,000 in our construction account. By the time that money was used up, two building supply companies extended us $1,000 each, credit. To date, $1,500 has been charged to those accounts. Then another $1,000 donation came in and finally a $1,700 was received from the Raleigh-Durham Caged Bird Society, in Raleigh, NC. By the time that money was gone, all of the materials had been purchased.

This aviary, now complete, measures 24’x40’x16′, and is fully enclosed. The interior walls measure 10′ tall, with a 16′ peak ceiling. There are 6 skylights, 15 windows, and one door. The aviary is heated for winter, and contains exhaust and window fans for the summer.

Our second aviary was complete by the end of 1999, It measures 20’x36’x12′ and houses the small to medium birds. It also contains heat for winter and ventilation for summer. The birds will be released into immediate flight once they are placed out there. This will allow us significant room in the original aviary to spread out the large birds, socialize them, and then release them into full flight.

The Tropics extends its knowledge of parrots to the public, and completes the cycle of rescue, rehabilitation, permanent housing, and education that are so sorely needed.

Won’t you become apart of this one-of-a-kind venture? If you would like further information on how you can help, please contact Mary Bradford at The Tropics Bird Refuge. No person is insignificant, and no donation too small. Thank you.

You can contact Mary via E-Mail at:

Or you can drop her a line at:
The Tropics
P.O. Box 686
Kannapolis, NC 28082-0686

More Photos of our Free Flight Aviary and the expansion:


Free Flight Aviary Expansion